Monday, July 8, 2013


So today I gave Isabel (3.5 years old) a little pouch I made for her.  Really not a big deal for me, I have 40 pouches in progress (assembly line style) and I just threw one in to make her real quick, it felt good to FINISH one finally.  

When I gave her the little pouch she looked at it, smiled and said, "I am SO HAPPY!"  

I mean really, could my heart melt any more?!  She said it a few more times and I told her how happy I was that she was happy!  People, THIS is why I love to sew and give so much away.  Spread the joy, feel the happy, sew and give.  Thanks for reminding me Isabel!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Sisters, Sisters...

So every time I hear the word "sisters" I think of the song from White Christmas with the Haynes Sisters.  The dresses the fans, oh the FANS, and their playful song about being ever so close with a touch of humor too.  I have two of COURSE I have always wanted a sister, but that's not gonna happen.  So instead I make outfits for the sisters I know, coordinating but not matching is my preference and so here are 2 sets of sister outfits!

For my first set of sisters I have little Misses Mina and Tessa!  So little, so cute, I made these tunics for them when baby Tessa was on the inside (I love how that makes it seem like she is serving time, ha!).  So anyway I made Big sister's tunic with the Oliver and S Bubble Dress pattern and some pretty green Amy Butler fabric.  Instead of a bubble bottom I cut it a little shorter and made it scalloped, easy and oh so FUN!

Little Miss Tessa's tunic was made with the Made By Rae free Little Geranium Dress Pattern.  I used some Anna Maria Horner Garden Party fabric, I think it is called Social Climber, and even played with the pieces until the rose on the bodice fell just where I wanted it.  

Now for Isabel and Riley's dresses they are a bit more matchy as their mother (my cousin) chose the main fabric and wanted the same pattern for each girl, the Puppet Show Dress by Oliver and S.  The floral print is actually an old bed sheet and I chose some nice matching solids to go with the print.  I LOVE the Puppet Show dress but is is definitely a more involved pattern with the darts, curved bodice, set in sleeves, buttoned cuff, and collar.  

But hey these little smiling faces are worth it any day!  Ah...sisters!

Have you ever made coordinating outfits for kids? do you wanna? talk  to me :)