Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tyler is TONS of Awesome

Tyler being awesome with his library bag :)

Today's Sew Thinky Thursday question is:
Who do you like to sew for the most?
Well going with my gut tells me that I like to sew for Tyler the most.  Ty is GREAT!  He is my cousin Sarah's 5 year old boy and he is super sweet and appreciative.  I have sewn him a fabric bucket, snakes, many pairs of pajama pants, a library tote bag and even a vest!  He is always very happy to receive whatever I make him with a smile and I wouldn't have it any other way!  While I love to sew for TONS of people that I love in my life Ty takes the cake on this one and I am currently sewing him some more PJ pants. :)

Random pic of me and my awesome Monster Pillowcase!

Aaand...since I didn't post last week let me talk about last Thinky Thursday.  The question was: 
Bad sewing habits.  Do you have them? Share with us, what are your worst habits when it comes to sewing?
Umm ya I can safely say that I have many bad habits.  We will only list a few...leaving my rotary cutter open (only when I am alone!), leaving my iron on at all times (it is seriously plugged in all day, but it shuts off by itself), and well not cleaning my machine as often as I should.  There  a few like I promised. 

Now I have lots of fun stuff to be doing so I will be back another day!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Papaya the color...NOT the fruit

So today's Sew Thinky Thursday question is "What is your favorite color of Kona Cotton?  How much of it do you keep in your stash?  Is there a solid that you are always finding yourself running out of?"

Fun Quilt Block!
Ya, I thought less than a second about this one 'cause my favorite color at this point is Papaya(shown in the picture here as the big chunks of yellow-orange).  I love the vibrancy of this yellowy orange!  I try to keep a yard of it in my stash partially because I like to us it as a photo backdrop sometimes too.  

Even though it is not my favorite color I'm always running out of white!  I use it to line garments and to back the inside of pillows or for just about whatever, so I definitely buy it by the bolt! 

I liked the way that Emily put together a sampling of her favorite Kona Cotton Colors so here are mine...note seriously some of these do not look at all like the color I know and love so if you have a color card check out how awesome my picks are in person...if not enjoy a mosaic that makes it look like I hate yellow...which is untrue!

Linking up to Sew Thinky Thursday on Emily's Blog!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Casimir Pulaski Day: I Love Chicago...I HATE netting

Today's post is a picture post but let me say this before we begin...I dressed up for I actually put on a real shirt and not pajamas, but I could not be bothered to do anything else, even take out a camera, hence I used my computer to take these pictures.  Oh and here in Chicago schools have off for Casimir Pulaski Day...look it up or just click on the link...lazy!   OK you know I love you, now down to is my day off...trying to make the Chloe dress...

This is the pattern for the Chloe Dress

hemming chiffon sucks

gathering netting is impossible

tulle is ok

I like quilting cotton

chiffon is static-y

and so is tulle

I am NOT ripping out my hair because I had to put it in a bun to keep it away from the static

That is all!