Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sew Thinky Thursday #1 and How I Got Into this Sewing Thing

So my friend Emily has started a new linky party and I am stoked to be able to be a part of her first Sew Thinky Thursday Linky Party!  So, her first question is "When did you start sewing?  Tell us a bit about your sewing history.  When did you realize you were really hooked?"

I started sewing when I was maybe 6 or 7, I've always been crafty sewing came with the territory.  My Grandma used to sew(mostly clothing) and she and my Auntie Marlene helped me out with my first ever quilt which was a piece of flannel that I sewed up the sides on and then used ties to hold together.  I didn't make much then cause it was all hand sewing and it took FOREVER, but I still liked it.  Then when I was 11 or 12 my Auntie Marlene gave me my first sewing machine and a stash of her fabrics, some of which I have to this day.  That is when it all started, I would sew all sorts of things from Barbie clothing, purses and bags, and even "fixing" my jeans by adding some pieced strips to the bottoms enhancing their flare style.  Sewing was an occasional thing and I made my first, well I guess second quilt in middle school for a friend (love you Karen!) who was going away to school, a big undertaking and I swore I would never do it again, ya we all know how that one turned out!  I found myself sewing for my Girl Scout Gold Award project when I was a sophomore in high school and taking time to just use my machine when I could but then...  

Who knows why, was it me being in school for art or just having a bit too much free time in the summer... my sophomore year of college I started making myself a bed quilt.  I was not about to go out and buy a ton of stuff so it is made mostly of fabric that was originally given to me by my Aunt and a few Joann's FQs.  160 squares front and back, I discovered a rotary cutter, proper seam allowances, and bloggers such as Elizabeth, Amanda, and Ashley.  When I finished putting on the satin binding I immediately started to plan my next quilt.  

First CMQG retreat FUN!

I found the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild and got to go to their first meeting and yep, I was hooked.  I do think that a big part about what is making me stay a quilter/sewer is the community, I love show and tell at our guild and the online community of sewers is just fab, from Flickr to the Oliver and S discussion forums

So there, ya got me for life sewing, can't get rid of me now!  YOU should link up too so I can read your long ramblings about your sewing journey!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Doll Quilt Swap in Progress, Roses and Orb Thingies Included

Working on my quilt for Doll Quilt Swap 13 today!  I am pumped about the design keeping it simple and colorful :)  
I have some finishes to share soooooo soon, I just have to wait for them to get to their recipients...crossing fingers that the mail is FAST!  

Currently the WIPs I am working on are: DQS13 quilt (see above), the Weekender Bag, and just about anything to get ready for Quiltcon, new purse, pics of stuff I will be giving away... etc.  Can't wait for a new linky chat tomorrow that is hosted by my friend Emily over at Mommy's Naptime!  See ya then!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pile of Shame

My name is Emily, and I have a lot of WIPs.  Above is my "pile of shame", and not kidding it doesn't even include everything on my list to do.  I have 13 quilts in almost every stage of completion from not having a complete idea of what it is gonna be to almost done with the quilting stage.  Also, a pile of 3 items of cut out but not yet sewn children's clothing...and yes, some of them will not fit their intended recipients anymore.  So without further ado, here is the list:

Quilts (in random order)
1. S’s Quilt: I just need to quilt this one, I started it in 2008...I told you, shame!
2. Quilt for Jess: I have pieces cut but not much progress.
3. Bee Crazy Quilt: the blocks from this bee have been sitting around since 2010, I have no plan.
4. Fresh Comfort 2 Quilt: I am calling this one "Mine" and the top is finished but no back yet!
5. Modern Robin Quilt: still have to finish the top on this one.
6. Dylan’s Quilt: Some of the quilt top is done...he is 3 it is no longer his baby quilt...
7. Riley’s Quilt: Just 2 fabrics and a color scheme of blue and green for her, she is still new but see above for reference on my procrastination tolerance!
8. Thomas’ Quilt: Top pieced, backing ready, next step is basting!
9. Billy’s Quilt: Almost done quilting this one and goal is to have it done by Saturday!
10. Eileen’s Quilt: Top and backing done some basting is next!
11. DQS13 Quilt: A pile of fabric and some sketches is all I've got but I can do it!
12. Aqua and Red Quilt: This one has no recipient so it is super low on the list but I have all of the 16 blocks started.
13. Charity Quilt for Project Night Night: I have some random blocks for this one but no top yet.

Clothing (all of this is cut and not sewn at all)
Afterschool Shirt in a 3T
Pullover for Caleb
Sailboat Top

Misc (none of this is past the pile o' fabric stage!)
Pillow Case for Jess
New purse for me
Weekender Bag

Now that you know, I feel closer to you, somehow, whoever you are...

Monday, January 7, 2013

Hello, is this thing on? Ahem.

Hi! So if you are reading this my name is Emily and I am so happy that you landed here on my new blog! My goal for this blog is to share with you what I am making and document it for myself as well! Sooooo....Here are some of the things I make and will hopefully be sharing with you on the blog.

  Quilts!  I think of myself as primarily a quilter.  I love to improv piece and I really almost always make up my own designs, I like to be my own boss!  

1. Vintage Sheet Skirt, 2. Lucy's Ice Cream Top Front, 3. Trina's Skirt from Ottobre, 4. Birthday Party Dress for Trina (old and new), 5. Bella's Oliver+S Bubble Dress, 6. Lucy's Ice Cream dress, 7. Thanksgiving Playdate Dress for Lucy, 8. Lucy's Bubble Dress, 9. Allie's Violet Family Reunion Dress, 10. Isabel's Bubble Dress with Pockets, 11. Allie's Puppet Show Dress Front, 12. Tyler's Green ShotC Vest, 13. Bedtime Story Pajamas for Caleb, 14. Cousins in Matching Bedtime Story PJs, 15. Christmas Puppet Show Dress for Lucy, 16. Caleb in his New Pants and onesie! Excited :), 17. Precious' Flowers Circle Skirt, 18. Easter Dress for Lucy front detail, 19. Isabel and Lucy in their Tutus, 20. Retro Rainbow Pinafore and Love Message Shorts, 21. Isabel's Badminton Skort, 22. Glow in the Dark PJ pants!, 23. Lucy's Pick Family Reunion Dress, 24. Lucy's Christmas Outfit 2012 Created with fd's Flickr Toys

Kid’s clothes!  I love, love, love my cousin’s and their little kiddos and I make them clothes for fun!  My favorite patterns are Oliver and S :)

1. Inks in Butter containers for Screen Printing Class, 2. Onesies for Caleb, 3. Spiky fabric for handprinted: fabric swap, 4. Dyl Pickle, 5. Screen printing the fabric, 6. Handprinted Textiles Created with fd's Flickr Toys

Sometimes I screen print!

There ya go, stuff I make, I hope you will stay tuned for all of my exciting adventures(too much pressure? maybe...)  Anyways, welcome to my blog!