Monday, March 4, 2013

Casimir Pulaski Day: I Love Chicago...I HATE netting

Today's post is a picture post but let me say this before we begin...I dressed up for I actually put on a real shirt and not pajamas, but I could not be bothered to do anything else, even take out a camera, hence I used my computer to take these pictures.  Oh and here in Chicago schools have off for Casimir Pulaski Day...look it up or just click on the link...lazy!   OK you know I love you, now down to is my day off...trying to make the Chloe dress...

This is the pattern for the Chloe Dress

hemming chiffon sucks

gathering netting is impossible

tulle is ok

I like quilting cotton

chiffon is static-y

and so is tulle

I am NOT ripping out my hair because I had to put it in a bun to keep it away from the static

That is all! 


  1. Ha! You are now fully initiated into the wonderful world of "special occasion" sewing!

  2. In the second to last pic you look particularly annoyed, can't wait to see what you create. That pattern looks divine.

  3. You should have bought those "this took forever" labels yesterday :) Of course, I'm sure it's going to look so amazing when you are finished!

  4. Having grown up in Chicago, I thought everyone got Pulaski Day off! :P
    Looks like fun.....sort of....

  5. bwahahahahahaahahahaaaa! I love you!

  6. you are too funny and this just makes me miss you all the more! xoxo.

  7. You just made me laugh OUT LOUD!!! Too funny! I can't wait to see it when you have it all made is going to be gorgeous. It almost makes me want to make one. However, I'll wait to hear how you faired. :) xoxo...

  8. Em, love this picture blog post!


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