Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tyler is TONS of Awesome

Tyler being awesome with his library bag :)

Today's Sew Thinky Thursday question is:
Who do you like to sew for the most?
Well going with my gut tells me that I like to sew for Tyler the most.  Ty is GREAT!  He is my cousin Sarah's 5 year old boy and he is super sweet and appreciative.  I have sewn him a fabric bucket, snakes, many pairs of pajama pants, a library tote bag and even a vest!  He is always very happy to receive whatever I make him with a smile and I wouldn't have it any other way!  While I love to sew for TONS of people that I love in my life Ty takes the cake on this one and I am currently sewing him some more PJ pants. :)

Random pic of me and my awesome Monster Pillowcase!

Aaand...since I didn't post last week let me talk about last Thinky Thursday.  The question was: 
Bad sewing habits.  Do you have them? Share with us, what are your worst habits when it comes to sewing?
Umm ya I can safely say that I have many bad habits.  We will only list a few...leaving my rotary cutter open (only when I am alone!), leaving my iron on at all times (it is seriously plugged in all day, but it shuts off by itself), and well not cleaning my machine as often as I should.  There  a few like I promised. 

Now I have lots of fun stuff to be doing so I will be back another day!

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  1. Tyler looks like a cutie! It's nice that he appreciates your hard work. And I think I might share some of your bad sewing habits (plus a few of my own!).


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