Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Quilty and Me in Print!

So I thought I better share this with you before they come out with the NEXT issue of Quilty Magazine...
A thingy, in the March/April issue of Quilty, a...a list of steps for how to Improvisationally Quilty, by me!  Yay!!!!  So check it out...on newsstands or shelves or some kinda rack thingy near you...NOW!


  1. Emily! Congratulations! This is awesome! :)

  2. WOOOOHOOO!! :) Somebody has been published in a magazine! :) Congrats!

  3. Congrats! I still have to get a copy of that issue. I will make sure to look at your piece with special attention.

  4. I was looking through my old flickr groups of the Modern quilt guild Challenges. I saw your yellow quilt and loved it. Then I found your blog and realized you are in my Chicago quilt guild. No wonder your name looked familiar. I purchased the back issue of this magazine since it seems like a good description of a step by step process for improv. I love improv! See you soon at a meeting:) Kathleen


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