Friday, April 5, 2013

Handprinted: a fabric swap

Leslie over at Maze and Vale hosts an awesome swap called Handprinted: a fabric swap.  This is the third round of the swap and the first time I relief printed instead of screen printed.  Note above my fun studio company, Hi Precious!!!

I printed this well kinda triangley pink design on some Pearl Bracelet fabric when I was at Quilt Con in a workshop with Lizzy House.  If you wanna check out some pics from the workshop take a look at my Flickr set.  I had a great time at the workshop and it was so fun to meet Lizzy!

The next design was this cloud with ummm stuff coming out the I thought the designs were pretty fun and I love PINK and printing on top of Pearl Bracelets too :)

Switching it up I mixed some orange ink (and yes Charlotte I think of you every time I say the word "orange" now).

Out of the orange came these acidic looking clouds...

and this cool mountains and hills design.

Here are all four of the FQs I sent out!  Overall I am happy with the way they turned out and I used oil based ink BTW.

These beauties are what I received in the swap!  Aren't I a lucky duck?  Printed by hand clockwise from the top left: Keri, KelleySamantha, and Kristy.

I would without hesitation be a part of this swap again and again, it kicks my butt to print and I like it that way.  


  1. Hi Emily, I love my orange clouds...thanks! It will probably end up as a fun cushion (would a cloud shaped cushion be overkill??) on one of my little girls beds. Keri

  2. OMG!!!! You got some orindge scissahs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. What a fun swap!! I love the shapes you came up with!

  4. I really love your mountains and hills design! All the designs look like fun, though, too!

  5. Fabulous! love those clouds, and the mountains and hills.

  6. Looks beautiful and great colours!


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