Thursday, June 20, 2013


No that does not stand for I'm Quite Frantic...though that may be true!  The International Quilting Festival has come back to Chicago (well Rosemont to be specific but you know what I mean), and I will be doing a demo (no not of a woman on the edge!) on improv piecing in the Open Studios!  Can't you see how excited I am by how many exclamation points I'm using?!!!!!!!!!!!  The Open Studios are right where you enter the show and there are four separate studios: Quilt, Paint, Stitch, and Embellish.  If you would like to come by and see me (c'mon you know you wanna) I will be in the Stitch studio on Friday June 21st, from 12-2.  Check out Pokey's blog post for a schedule of who will be where when in the Open Studios.  
Oh ya so are you enjoying these completely unrelated pictures?  The story is I cut 14" of hair off to donate to Wigs for ya.  I also made my mother a birthday ya.  I hate pictureless posts so I had to show you something ok?
(In my best announcer voice) Aaaand now, for your reading pleasure I give to you, other things that my family thought IQF could stand for!!!!!! (cheers...cause you gotta have that part)

Its Quiet Finally (by Auntie Teena, she lives with a 1.5 year old!)
Incredible Quality Fart (oh Ma...dontcha just love her?)
I'm Quite Fatigued (Teena)
Independent Queries Falter (Dad)
Ithaca? Quite Fine (Dad, he loves making up words for acronyms)
Incredible! Queen Fartblossom...Just Tooted (Ma, ya she's a gem!)
I Quit Finally (Auntie Laura)
I Question Frugality (!)
I'm Quite Farty (Gram...87 and thinks like a 10 year old love it!)


  1. I'm spotting a theme in your mum's suggestions. ;-)

  2. Ha! Those are HILARIOUS! Hope your demo went well, sorry I couldn't make it out on Friday to see you.

  3. This is SO much better now that I know all of the named players.


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