Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sew Thinky Thursday #1 and How I Got Into this Sewing Thing

So my friend Emily has started a new linky party and I am stoked to be able to be a part of her first Sew Thinky Thursday Linky Party!  So, her first question is "When did you start sewing?  Tell us a bit about your sewing history.  When did you realize you were really hooked?"

I started sewing when I was maybe 6 or 7, I've always been crafty sewing came with the territory.  My Grandma used to sew(mostly clothing) and she and my Auntie Marlene helped me out with my first ever quilt which was a piece of flannel that I sewed up the sides on and then used ties to hold together.  I didn't make much then cause it was all hand sewing and it took FOREVER, but I still liked it.  Then when I was 11 or 12 my Auntie Marlene gave me my first sewing machine and a stash of her fabrics, some of which I have to this day.  That is when it all started, I would sew all sorts of things from Barbie clothing, purses and bags, and even "fixing" my jeans by adding some pieced strips to the bottoms enhancing their flare style.  Sewing was an occasional thing and I made my first, well I guess second quilt in middle school for a friend (love you Karen!) who was going away to school, a big undertaking and I swore I would never do it again, ya we all know how that one turned out!  I found myself sewing for my Girl Scout Gold Award project when I was a sophomore in high school and taking time to just use my machine when I could but then...  

Who knows why, was it me being in school for art or just having a bit too much free time in the summer... my sophomore year of college I started making myself a bed quilt.  I was not about to go out and buy a ton of stuff so it is made mostly of fabric that was originally given to me by my Aunt and a few Joann's FQs.  160 squares front and back, I discovered a rotary cutter, proper seam allowances, and bloggers such as Elizabeth, Amanda, and Ashley.  When I finished putting on the satin binding I immediately started to plan my next quilt.  

First CMQG retreat FUN!

I found the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild and got to go to their first meeting and yep, I was hooked.  I do think that a big part about what is making me stay a quilter/sewer is the community, I love show and tell at our guild and the online community of sewers is just fab, from Flickr to the Oliver and S discussion forums

So there, ya got me for life sewing, can't get rid of me now!  YOU should link up too so I can read your long ramblings about your sewing journey!


  1. Such an awesome journey! I'm so glad you didn't stick to that "I'll never do that again" promise! :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. I don't know how I missed reading this last week! I think the quilt guild is great, too, and I'm looking forward to my first retreat in April. I can't wait to get to know some other quilters better. I was just thinking the other day, too, that I might buy my niece a sewing machine when she gets just a little bigger.


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