Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pile of Shame

My name is Emily, and I have a lot of WIPs.  Above is my "pile of shame", and not kidding it doesn't even include everything on my list to do.  I have 13 quilts in almost every stage of completion from not having a complete idea of what it is gonna be to almost done with the quilting stage.  Also, a pile of 3 items of cut out but not yet sewn children's clothing...and yes, some of them will not fit their intended recipients anymore.  So without further ado, here is the list:

Quilts (in random order)
1. S’s Quilt: I just need to quilt this one, I started it in 2008...I told you, shame!
2. Quilt for Jess: I have pieces cut but not much progress.
3. Bee Crazy Quilt: the blocks from this bee have been sitting around since 2010, I have no plan.
4. Fresh Comfort 2 Quilt: I am calling this one "Mine" and the top is finished but no back yet!
5. Modern Robin Quilt: still have to finish the top on this one.
6. Dylan’s Quilt: Some of the quilt top is done...he is 3 it is no longer his baby quilt...
7. Riley’s Quilt: Just 2 fabrics and a color scheme of blue and green for her, she is still new but see above for reference on my procrastination tolerance!
8. Thomas’ Quilt: Top pieced, backing ready, next step is basting!
9. Billy’s Quilt: Almost done quilting this one and goal is to have it done by Saturday!
10. Eileen’s Quilt: Top and backing done some basting is next!
11. DQS13 Quilt: A pile of fabric and some sketches is all I've got but I can do it!
12. Aqua and Red Quilt: This one has no recipient so it is super low on the list but I have all of the 16 blocks started.
13. Charity Quilt for Project Night Night: I have some random blocks for this one but no top yet.

Clothing (all of this is cut and not sewn at all)
Afterschool Shirt in a 3T
Pullover for Caleb
Sailboat Top

Misc (none of this is past the pile o' fabric stage!)
Pillow Case for Jess
New purse for me
Weekender Bag

Now that you know, I feel closer to you, somehow, whoever you are...


  1. :) I already knew of most of these, but whoa... kids clothes with the pieces already cut - but that's the most annoying part of clothing making isn't it? the cutting? Good luck on these WIPS!

  2. Glad I am not alone out there! Keep going, you will get it done....eventually!
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  3. You're not the only one with a huge WIP list - at least you know what you have now, so progress can be made. I am loving that green and beige quilt in the background of your WIP pile! Got to finish that one!

  4. Well, I know you are making progress because Uncle Billy's quilt had no quilting the last time I saw it! Maybe try to give yourself a system/rule? I try this sometimes... and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't :) Ha! I know some of these things have "due" dates, so you'll get them done more quickly than you might think.

  5. At least it makes for a pretty picture. Those greens are gorgeous. Happy finishing!

  6. Haha, that's awesome! Pile of shame. I tell myself that I'm keeping all of these unread books, WIPs, and uncut fabric for the day I'm out of work and have no money to buy new stuff, so it will keep me going!

    Some of your WIPs are nicer than some people's finished things. Keep going!

  7. No shame, it just means you are officially a quilter! :-) You have some really pretty things in your photo; it will be fun to see them up close and finished as the year goes by.

  8. All I can say is have you seen my list???? LOL. No shame there.

  9. I know how you feel! Shame ;). I think most quilters are in similar situations!!!

  10. !3? Is that all? Although not a bad number for the beginning of 2013.
    My WIP/UFO pile is closer to 113. I've probably been quilting a little longer, so I've time to start more projects. You'd think it would mean time to finish more but you'd think wrong.
    Go ahead - brag about your WIPs and UFOs - the more you have, the more you can officially call yourself a quilter. Or is that UFOer?
    Nothing to be ashamed of, go start some more projects.

  11. That is not pile of shame, that is a pile of cool opportunity!!!


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