Wednesday, February 20, 2013

QuiltCon, Things Unfinished and Quilty!

So...this is my Weekender!!!!!  Ya, it is not finished but all those pieces are cut out...that counts for something right, RIGHT?  Seriously, not everything goes as planned and well is not done but whatever.

  I did indeed finish making myself a purse though using the Amy Butler Birdie Sling Pattern (what I am holding in the above picture).  More deets on that another time when I am not trying to get ready to leave any minute for QuiltCon!  I am above and beyond excited and can't wait to get there, and then I saw episode of Quilty...featuring ME!  

Yes I know I filmed an episode of Quilty but I wasn't sure when it would air and it is exciting!  So check out the episode, it is about improvisational piecing.  Let me know if you watch it!


  1. Ahh! Quiltcon! Quilty! Weekender! :) Again, I love that weekender progress pic, and the other subjects mentioned all need exclamation points. :) !!!

  2. that is a fantastic photo - it's hilarious! See you later :-D

  3. That picture makes me smile! I love Quilty and will look you up there.

  4. Awesome on the episode of Quilty. And it totally counts when the pieces are cut :-) Great purse and have a fantastic time at QuiltCon!

  5. Very cool episode! I hadn't heard of Quilty before this, so thanks for the heads up. That weekender is gonna be awesome.


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