Wednesday, February 13, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Frantic QuiltCon Edition

So, ya...QuiltCon is coming up in a week...and.......I"M NOT PREPARED!!!!!!  I would love to have a new purse for myself made by then (see above Birdie pieces) and................

I would love to have my Weekender (again see above pile o' NOT FINISHED!) there with me.  But who are we kidding...maybe if I don't sleep I can get this stuff done, right, RIGHT???????   OK I will get to it and not subject you to my crazy franticness right now....what are YOU working on?


  1. I'll join you in the last-minute panic!

  2. Panic aside... I am jealous of (1) you are going to QuiltCon and (2) the fabulous selection of fabric you have set aside for your Weekender.

  3. I"m working on ... some pouches maybe? I am nearly finished with my weekender... it's really not bad at all. :) You can do it!!

    I'd love to make myself new purse... but I'm not very good at making them and not very good at finding patterns for them that i like... so I probably won't try.

    1. I can't believe it's a week away already! I am starting to freak a little bit about packing and getting class supplies pulled together. Love the fabrics you picked out - maybe if you just don't sleep for the next few days you can find more time to sew???

  4. I hope you've managed to make some progress and have either one or the both of these finished! I can't wait to hear about QuiltCon from you and Emily! Maybe I'll be able to go to the next one :)


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