Thursday, February 28, 2013

Friendly Influencers...dancing around a thinky question

Today's Sew Thinky Thursday Question over on Mommy's Naptime is...
"Tell us about your sewing friends.  Have your fabric tastes changed by having friends who like to sew?  Do you like the same things or are you completely opposite?"

My sewing friends are CrAzY AWESOME!  and I have more than one...just to name some that are in the CMQG: Sally, Elaine, Erika, Tricia, Robbi, ok 5 is enough and then I won't feel bad for accidentally forgetting someone if I try and name all the wonderful peeps in the guild.  I guess we share that fact that we have fun talking but in general we each have our own tastes and styles and I REALLY love love love that we have our own voices and views when it comes to the fabrics we purchase!

OK.  So if you take a look over at Emily's blog post today you will see that she thinks that I am a hard one to crack when choosing fabrics/palettes and such and I admit...this is true...I am particular...but name is Emily (this one not the other one) and I am particular. :)  

So back to the question.  Yes?  I have been slightly influenced by what my friends like because seeing a fabric used and in a great combo of colors and prints really sets the imagination aflame!  I would not say that my tastes are opposite of my friends' but I definitely have opinions on print and color that are different.  I actually find a lot of color inspiration from Pinterest.  I have a board just dedicated to COLOR and one even for Pattern and Design!  My friends' are amazing and seeing them do amazing things with fabric makes me look differently at my own choices and hey, maybe they influence me more than I give them credit for...forgive me gals? ;)

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  1. You have such a great eye for color, Emily!

  2. I'm glad I made the list! :) I agree, it's always interesting to see what other people are doing, choosing, because it does make me look at fabrics and color combos in a different way.


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